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About Us

We are The Jacques Custom Fashion, and we specialize in Caribbean fashion, brought to you straight from the sunny beaches of Haiti. Among our most popular clothing items are a stunning range of custom flag tees which make you a guaranteed stand out, dresses and tees which make you feel like a princess or king of the Caribbean, unique sneakers that gives you a golden appearance, and accessories of all kinds to complement your beautiful clothes.

The credit primarily goes to the mastermind behind these creations, Haitian born Jacques Tassy, who is a self-taught tailor as well as designer. He uses his creative vision and imagination to visualize a design on paper, and lovingly fashions it out of any fabric. His motto is simple, if you fit in; you’ll stand out for sure. He likes to work in silence, as they speak a thousand words to him, egging him on towards his next big creation. When you purchase a piece of clothing from Jacques Tassy, you’re assured of premium quality at affordable prices, and the assurance that yours is a piece that’s been crafted by the master designer himself with his own two hands.

Every single piece of clothing on his website is hand-made by him at his home, and he’s as innovative as they come. He caters to every age group and sex; men, women and children. He uses the unique method of bandana flags to customize his tee shirt designs, altering them to hoodies, sweaters and even sneakers made in Italy. This method of creation is quite exceptional and matchless, and you’ll get to see why when you order from his website.

Jacques started out with his line in 2015, and his first sale was a Haitian flag tee on Instagram(@The_Jacques), where today, he has a huge fan following. This inspired him to create his online store, www.TheJacques.us, and he lives up to his promise each and every time, when he commits himself to make, package and ship items directly from home, thus cutting off the middlemen which would have made his creations costlier.

He resides in Harlem, NY, and the majority of his customers are from NYC, Florida and Atlanta. 

His Goal: Jacques has set himself a goal of establishing himself as a leader in Caribbean fashion and is striding towards it with confidence. He plans to open his stores in all the major tourism cities of the world as well as cruise ships.