Designer Jacques Tassy

Haitian born Jacques Tassy is a self-taught tailor and designer. He created The Jacques Custom Fashion in 2015, which specializes in Caribbean fashion stitched together with cultural pride. His motto is simple: to fit in, stand out. From an early age, Jacques was a creator and always expressed himself through a variety of art forms. He played violin as a child, then flexed his poetic and musical skills, during his successful underground Hip Hop music career, which won him two highly respected underground Hip Hop Music Awards in 2010, 2011.

His need to create is insatiable, as is his desire to promote all things Haitian, Jacques merged the two and manifested his creative abilities into the fashion industry. Incorporating his love for Haiti and his creative designs, he created The Jacques Custom Fashion.  Jacques celebrated his first sale, a Haitian flag tee, on Instagram (@The_Jacques). Today, he is grateful to have established a huge fan base and has successfully filled thousands of orders. He expanded to an online store, When you purchase items from Jacques Tassy, rest assured that it is premium quality created by the master designer’s own two hands. Every single piece of clothing on his website is hand-made by him at his home. He resides in Washington Heights, NY, is the proud father of two beautiful girls, and aspires to establish himself as a leader in Caribbean fashion, promoting self-love and cultural pride.

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